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Marlink Trading SRL is at the forefront of developing innovative technologies for games and health applications. Since our inception, we have been committed to integrating advanced artificial intelligence to address diverse challenges, making us pioneers in creating sophisticated digital solutions. Our focus on hard work and research-driven culture allows us to deliver premium products that significantly enhance user experience.

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Technologies for Games and Apps

Doozy UI Manager

Revolutionizes user interface management in Unity with its robust framework, enabling developers to craft dynamic and responsive UIs quickly. Enhance your game or app with our reliable tools designed for optimal performance.

Health Technologies

Eat IQ

Utilizes advanced AI to decipher complex food labels, offering transparent, accurate nutritional information. This app aids users in making informed dietary choices, catering to various health needs and preferences.

Download Eat IQ from the Google Play Store and soon on the Apple App Store. Join thousands making smarter food choices with Eat IQ, the leading AI-powered food label scanner that enhances your diet management.

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